Where Your Money Goes

Stepping Stones Nigeria is a small UK charity dedicated to defending and upholding the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, such as the so-called child ‘witches’ and ‘wizards’ of the Niger Delta. Since we were established in 2005, the scope of our work has grown dramatically. Our small staff team in the UK works hard to cope with these demands and further support the invaluable work of our partners.


We aim to get the most out of the donations we receive by keeping our overheads as low as possible. 


How your money is spent:

The money that you donate to Stepping Stones Nigeria goes towards delivering basic needs for these children, such as food, clothing, education and healthcare. You can read more about our current projects on this website. 

Your gift also ensures we can educate local communities and pressure governments and other influential individuals and organisations, in Nigeria and all over the world, to put a stop to the abuse of innocent children.