What We Do

Stepping Stones Nigeria’s (SSN) work saves, protects and transforms the lives of thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We are a small and effective charity that works from a child-rights approach. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that children in the Niger Delta get a proper education, healthcare, food and protection.

Ultimately, we believe that the long-term solutions to the Niger Delta’s problems lie in the hands of the people of this region. To this end we identify, nurture and support local community organisations to help the many children who need them. SSN partners with these organisations to make the world aware of the issues that the children they work with face on a daily basis, and pressures governments to fulfil their responsibilities to these children.

All of our partner organisations are run by inspirational Nigerians whose work goes a long way to dispel the negative stereotypes that are often held by people from outside of Nigeria. They all share our commitment to upholding the highest standards in accountability, transparency and effective service delivery. Above all, these organisations work tirelessly to bring positive change to the lives of some of the most needy children on the planet.


To support our partner’s invaluable work, SSN focuses on providing them with the following:

Financial Support – Funding to cover the running costs (e.g. salaries, transport, food) of their organisations and occasional capital costs (e.g. accommodation, classrooms).

Capacity Building – Mentoring, training and the provision of resources that help them become more effective organisations.

A Louder Voice – We help them to get their message across to a wider audience all around the world and therefore affect more positive change.

Friendship – Our partners are also our friends and it helps us all to know that we stand side-by-side with other similar minded organisations around the world.