Social Networking

The internet is a great tool for getting lots of people to hear about a particular cause. Here at Stepping Stones Nigeria  (SSN) we are keen to use social networking sites to spread our message and raise awareness. Please join us on facebook and twitter to hear regular updates about petitions, news stories and campaigns. Invite your friends to join us too!


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 SSN also has it's own blog. To find out our very latest news and help spread awareness of SSN, please click here.


Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network   WHRIN_logo

In the summer of 2009, SSN commissioned the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN). There are many organisations and agencies working in countries around the world committed to the complete eradication of witchcraft-related abuse. WHRIN is a tool for practitioners, stakeholders and interested parties to share news and information about human rights violations that are committed due to the belief in witchcraft, advertise events, publicise resources and receive support.


SSN believes in the power of information-sharing and networking and is keen for people in this field to have a means of sharing best practice, recent papers and campaigns amongst other like-minded individuals. This network depends upon people becoming members and posting information in order to develop a coherent, effective and joined-up approach to witchcraft-related human rights concerns. If you are interested, please join up today!