Letter Writing

letter_writingLetter writing is a simple and effective way of joining in with the PACT Campaign. It can take as little or as much time as you like. You can simply print off our templates, sign your name and pop them in a post box or you can personalise them by explaining why you are interested in the rights of children in Nigeria and what you would like to see happen.


If you are going to personalise a letter we recommend you read our ‘tips for letter writing’ guide first. This will help to make sure that your letter has the biggest impact possible and that the people reading it know exactly what you are asking for.

One of our campaigners signs a letter

Tips for letter writing

Don't forget that letter writing really does work! When letters arrive on the desks of influential individuals and organisations in Nigeria they do get noticed. Nigeria is keen to improve its international reputation so it is extremely effective when people from all around the world send letters holding them to account for their child rights standards.


Five minutes of your time really can change lives. Please encourage your friends and family to download, sign and send off our letters-the more people who are echoing the demands of our PACT campaign, the better.


To download our template letters please click here