Highlights & Achievements

Stepping Stones Nigeria is one of the only international charities working in the volatile Niger Delta region to defend and uphold the rights of vulnerable children.


Since SSN was established, with the help of our donors and supporters, throughout the world, we have changed the lives of thousands of children through achieving important milestones in the country's history. Some of these include:


  • Successfully lobbying the Akwa Ibom State Government to enact the Child Rights Act.

  •  Achieving the establishment of family courts in Calabar and the first successful prosection in these courts for child rights abuse.

  •  Directly influencing changes to the draft Nigerian primary English curriculum, making synthetic phonics a new priority for Primary 1 children.

  • Influencing key organisations including the United Nations and governmental agencies to place a greater emphasis on the need to protect child ‘witches’.

  • Establishing the Prevent Abuse of Children Today (PACT) Coalition consisting of over 40 Niger Delta child rights NGOs. 

  • Supporting local partners to document over 200 cases of child rights abuse.

  • Conducting advocacy activities on child rights abuses reaching over 200,000 people Supporting street children marches that campaign and highlight child rights on the International Day for Street Children in 2011, 2012 & 2013


We have also acheived huge successes in our education programmes, including:

  • Training and resourcing 773 government primary schools in the use of the fast track reading scheme, Jolly Phonics.

  • Creating and distributing a range of culturally relevant teaching materials to over 8,000 teachers, including four story books, teachers' guides and training DVDs.

  • Building and resourcing an outstanding school for orphans and disadvantaged children – the Stepping Stones Model School.

  • Achieving increased enrolment at Stepping Stones Model School and Bebor International Model School by supporting 180 children each year who were previously unable to attend school, including tuition fees, uniforms, books and materials. 

  • Achieving very low drop-out rates at Stepping Stones Model School of 1%, compared with the local rate of 80.7% in Akwa Ibom, and Bebor International Model School of 2%, compared with a local rate of 76.6% in Rivers State. 

  • Achieving excellent pass rates at both model schools, achieving 86% at Bebor International Model School and 90% at Stepping Stones Model School. 

  • Providing a sustainable solar-powered ICT suite at Stepping Stones Model School. 




 The Stepping Stones Model School was completed in 2008 and now provides an outstanding education to over 200 children.