Supporting Education


Stepping Stones Nigeria considers education to be a fundamental human right that enables children to realise other rights and fulfil their potential. It is a powerful tool in the fight against discrimination and stigmatisation. It can help to put an end to poverty, disease and suffering. Education therefore plays a key role in improving lives and enhancing the opportunities of individuals, families, communities and nations.

Under the education programme, our work includes:

  1. Improving literacy rates through the expanded delivery of the Read and Write Now and Read and Write Forever projects in states throughout the Niger Delta;
  2. Continuing to support pupils at Stepping Stones Model School and Bebor International Model School through the provision of scholarships for vulnerable children;
  3. Establishing international school links that are part of a targeted capacity raising programme to enrich the quality of learning at Stepping Stones Model School and Bebor International Model School;
  4. Working with international and local organisations to advocate for strategies that improve early literacy tuition

Recently we have established the new "Better Schools, Brighter Futures" model that allows schools to monitor their own progress and set targets for school improvement. The model can be used by schools of all types as it is responds to the individual needs of each school. A particular emphasis of the model is income generation and this tool will enable our partner schools to gradually increase their financial independence and capacity to deliver high quality education in a gently structured way.


For more information about our work, please go to our education section.