Corporate Partnerships

Stepping Stones Nigeria (SSN) is extremely grateful to the many companies who have supported our work over the years. Without their help, the positive inroads that we have made in protecting the lives of thousands of innocent and vulnerable children in the Niger Delta would not have been possible. We are keen to ensure that our successes continue and that we can create long lasting change and hope for the many other disadvantaged children that remain in Nigeria.  Your company can help us to achieve this.


A corporate partnership with SSN can offer a full range of benefits:

  • Raise your company profile.
  • Increase marketing and publicity opportunities.
  • Boost staff morale.
  • Engage your customers.
  • Offset charitable giving against company corporation tax.


How your company can help us:


Probably, the most simplest and effective way to support SSN’s work is through a company donation. Whether you wish to make a one-off or regular donation, you will be helping to save, protect and transform the lives of vulnerable children in Nigeria. Your donation could be used to support our work as a whole, or individual, specified projects.  All will be invaluable in supporting the children we work with in Nigeria and we can provide you with regular feedback on the difference your support is making. You also have the added opportunity of being able to offset your charitable giving against your company’s corporation tax. For more information, visit HMRC.


Charity of the Year Partnerships

SSN is keen to form long-term, effective partnerships.  If you run a ‘charity of the year’ scheme why not nominate us as a potential beneficiary. This is a great way to get your employees involved and having fun whilst giving back all at the same time!


Gifts in Kind/ Sponsorship

Hosting events and conferences, and communicating with our supporters are essential activities to ensure long term support of our work. If you have facilities or opportunities that you can offer to help us with these sorts of thing, it would be very much appreciated. Sponsoring a SSN event, publication or resource can also contribute to raising your company profile amongst different individuals, groups and sectors.

Gifts we would welcome include:

  1. Venues for events
  2. Meeting room and office space
  3. Gifts that we may be able to use as auction or raffle prizes
  4. Printing and marketing sponsorship


Get your employees involved too...

Set up a payroll giving scheme - Incorporating a Give As You Earn (G.A.Y.E.) scheme into your workplace can give employees the opportunity to donate an hour or more of their salary to SSN and make the workplace environment a great place to be! It is simple and free to set up and is a tax effective way for your employees to donate to charity. For more information, visit the Charities Aid Foundation.


Matched giving - Supporting employees in their chartable involvement by matching event sponsorships or GAYE donations can greatly boost staff morale and engage your employees in a more meaningful way.


Staff Fundraising - Encouraging employees to set up charity committees and organise fundraising events or sponsored activities is a great way for bringing people together, building team spirit and motivation. We can provide advice and support as well as a range of materials to make your activities a success.


Mobile Phone Recycling – Do your employees have work phones? Are these upgraded regularly? Do you therefore have lots of mobiles lying around in the office? If so, why not put them to great use and organise a collection at your workplace. SSN receives money for every phone donated, making this an easy way to help bring further hope to children in Nigeria. For more details, click here.



Our Corporate Partners:

Stepping Stones Nigeria would like to thank the following organisations for their invaluable support:



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For more information about corporate support, please contact our Fundraising Manager: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it